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International Day of Persons Living with Disabilities


On 3 December, we celebrated International Day of Persons Living with Disabilities. It was a vibrant atmosphere that reinforced the inclusion of people with disabilities. Former and current patients shared their testimonies and our staff members and partners, including representatives from CBM, Rimbo Transport, and Hope Walks, offered uplifting words.

CURE Niger’s executive director, George Găvruș, welcomes the audience.


Maria Barron, Niger mission director from the US Agency for International Development (USAID), gave a speech. She reminded the audience of the real benefits of CURE’s long-term presence here in Niger and the impact of the fruitful collaboration between CURE and USAID. “Over the past twelve years, CURE Niger Hospital has provided free services through 51,000 patient visits and 9,255 surgical procedures, particularly in orthopedics and plastic surgery. Young patients were treated for bowleggedness, burns, health problems, and more. Thanks to USAID funding, the new surgical center at CURE Niger will have a transformative impact on health services and treatment for more people with disabilities.”

Maria Barron, Niger mission director from USAID, emphasized the importance of her organization’s partnership with CURE.


Laouali, a former CURE patient, traveled from Agadez (a distance of 915 km) to celebrate and testify of his healing with us in Niamey. “I went to different hospitals before but didn’t find healing. At CURE, I got surgery. Thank you, CURE. Before, I couldn’t work or play football, but now I thank God I can do all of these!” Laouali shared. He is currently a student in Agadez pursuing a career in electrical engineering.


Former CURE patient Laouali testifies about his healing journey.


Also, the testimony of Viviane, who came with her four kids, had a significant impact. Our doctors have operated on three of her four kids, and now they can enjoy their life to the fullest. “The kids used to tell me, ‘Mom, take us to the hospital to fix our legs. I would answer them, ‘How? I don’t have money for you to get healed.’ It wasn’t easy. I brought my kids here at CURE, and they welcomed and encouraged us. They took them in charge. Today, they can walk, have fun, play, and even start school. I am very happy! I thank CURE and everyone who has contributed to their healing. Thank you!” mother Viviane.

Viviane, who had three children treated with surgery at CURE Niger, shares her testimony.

More than 150 people, including our staff, attended the event. We are grateful for all the support we received and the impact CURE has had on the thousands of patients we’ve served. Our desire is to continue to bring healing to the kids we serve here in Niger and all over the world.

Dr. Uli (right), assisted by nurse Rebecca, performs life-changing surgery at CURE Niger.


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About the CURE Children’s Hospital of Niger

CURE Niger has been a place of hope since opening its doors in 2010. Ours is the first and only hospital in the country to provide Christ-centered care and charitable surgeries for children with treatable disabilities. Our teaching hospital has 58 beds, two operating rooms, and an outpatient clinic. In addition to world-class medical care, our team ministers to the emotional and spiritual needs of our patients and their communities.

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CURE Niger’s mission is to provide every child living with a disability the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they need to heal. If you have questions about becoming a patient or a partner with CURE, please contact us.

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